Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Seashore Invertebrates

Hi my name is Priscilla these are pictures that we took in our Project Science class. The three pictures represent common invertebrates found on the rock jetty. The three invertebrates are: Anthopleura xanthogrammica, Lottia gigantea and Mopalia californica. Mopalia c. was the most difficult one to find because it was very small and it blended into the rock. Enjoy our photos!

Anthopleura xanthogrammica: Green anemone
Lottia gigantea: Owl limpet
Moplia californica: chiton

Imperial Beach Seashore Guide, 2011: Here we go!

Our project science class began it's Seashore Guide field research two days ago. We walked down to the jetty and identified three different invertebrate species: Lottia gigantia (Owl Limpet), Anthopleura Xanthogrammica (green sea anemone) and Mopalia californica (the California chiton). Our goal is to become field naturalists capable of identifying many common Californian seashore creatures. Feel free to check this site daily for updates.

This is the rock jetty at Imperial Beach. We'll be down at the jetty on Gold days working on this project.
We had to be careful on the rock jetty, there were many large holes and cracks. Angel temporarily lost his cell phone in one of them.
If we get our work done for the day we sometimes have time for a treat at Cowabunga.
 Stay tuned for more Seashore Guide updates!