Monday, November 30, 2009

CELP Day 1 Continued: Moving In and Getting ready to Snorkel

After a quick run across the channel (it was beautiful, Santa Ana conditions with flat water and blue skies) we arrived at Howland's Landing, home of the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program also known as C.E.L.P..

Once you're off the boat, you help to unload luggage and then you move into your cabins. Boys were sent up to "Boy's Camp" and the ladies were sent to "Girl's Camp".

This was one of the cabins that we were assigned to, nice door!

Mr. Crawford was our fearless leader on up into Boy's Camp.

Once we moved in and had lunch it was time for our afternoon program, snorkeling!

Wetsuits are so fun to wear, especially the "happy strap" that holds the jacket to the pants.

Here's Thomas modeling the latest Fall wetsuit fashion. Sweet purple knees!

Then again, all the cool kids wear yellow kneed wetsuits... right?

Sherman's all suited up and ready to go explore the kelp forests of Catalina Island.

Some of us were given three wetsuits- the more layers, the warmer you were. The only problem was that if you put on multiple suits you also bobbed around like a rubber duck.

When you were suited up, it was time to go into the Dive Shack and get fitted for a mask and snorkel. This part was easy, put the mask on your face and inhale- if it sticks, you're set.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Off to the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program

Once a year we get to run out to Catalina Island to participate in the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program. Here are a few photos of our trip:

Day 1: We leave from Imperial Beach at 6:45 in the morning.

Early morning boat rides... oh joy.

Pack light, because you've got to carry your own gear! Sherman might still be asleep.

Here's Monique and Priscilla lounging in the bow cabin of the Catalina Express... we're off to Catalina!

Erica's excited about what lies ahead at Howland's Landing... she had a couple of surprises waiting for her... can you say "stomach flu"?

Check back for more of Day 1!